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Skin Care Regimen for Hyperpigmentation and Post Acne Blemishes

Almost every man and woman experiences hyperpigmentation at any particular age in their life. It is not necessary that the hyperpigmentation should be of the face only. It can be associated with any part of your body, whether face, neck or thighs. Hyperpigmentation basically means the darkening of one portion of the skin more than the surrounding areas of your skin. Somewhat similar phenomenon happens when acne is resolved and it leaves behind its traces in the form of acne blemishes. Acne blemishes together with hyperpigmentation or alon, make your skin look not as pleasing as it looks when you have your skin in its natural spotless condition. We do not promote spotless skins just like that, a spotless skin is like the one which you have when no acne blemishes or hyperpigmentation mark it. All these issues can be resolved if a proper pathway is adopted. A pathway or routine which consists of facade and temporary solution is equivalent to no solution at all! Using mounds and mounds of foundations to cover up your acne blemishes is not something recommendable because it further makes your skin prone to acne and other skin disorders. You yourself push your skin into a vicious cycle when such facade routines are used. Any product used on your skin has its own impacts. Therefore we must use the ones which have way more benefits and the ones which do not have a harmful and damaging effect on our youthful skin. Skin never remains the skin. As you age, your skin sheds more of its skin and is replaced at a slower rate than it used to be replaced at a much younger age. Which is one of the major causes of hyperpigmentation in old age. In addition to this, when we do not use sunscreens in our prime age, and keep on exposing it to harmful radiations. What happens is that those UV radiations end up showing their results in old age. The best recommendation is to use skin care products for acne blemishes and hyperpigmentation from brands like OBT Skin care because they utilize and amalgamate the constituents and produce serums which are more like magical potions. For instance, if we talk about acne blemishes then the niacinamide containing pore refining gel is the go to product because first it repairs the pores and then it minimizes their size. The pores which were first created by acne and now being harbored by acne blemishes. These open and wide pores are one of the major causes of skin issues. It needs to be applied on a cotton pad first in a small quantity and then applied all over the face, specifically the T-zone. It will start showing amazing results slowly and gradually and the best part is that the results are always long-lasting. In addition to this the second recommendation is R3 Night Oil Retinol Renewal Recovery Serum. It contains retinol which is one of the biggest combaters against hyperpigmentation. The constituents of this serum boosts collagen regeneration, increases cell turnover. That cell turnover speeds up the loss of pigmented skin and replaces it with a newer, youthful skin over a period of time. It removes the dullness from your skin replacing it with a glowy, bright skin. It should be only applied on your fingertips and then massaged all over your face, followed by a moisturizer for better results. Only pea sized amounts are to be used, not more than that! However, retinol is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The third and one of the most effective products for combat with hyperpigmentation is Bio Rejuvenation Serum. It is in its name that it is a rejuvenator of the skin. It makes your skin firm and elastic by getting rid of older, pigmented skin cells and inducing the production of newer, fresher skin cells that are more resistant to any sort of pigmentation. All in all, it also reduces the appearance of fine lines and gives your skin a tighter appearance. Just a thin layer of this serum on your skin will show you amazing results within a few days! Taking care of your skin by incorporating good skin care products is very important because otherwise you will have to pay the price at the cost of your skin in future!

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